Tea Time With Heidi

Bonnie scotland

"The view, of course, spread out like a banquet for a hungry soul."

- Nora Roberts

In May of 2013, Dave and I finally got to Scotland and what a glorious country it is. Even better than we were expecting. The beauty of the countryside, the coastal areas, and the terrific people we met only added to the magical feelings we shared.

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DAY 1: Scotland, at last!

Train travel certainly is a painless way to get around the UK. Quite enjoyable. 

DAY 2: Edinburgh. To The Palace Please!

After a good nights sleep, Dave went across the street for some breakfast and I finished up the jam and croissants Beth and Fiona had left us. 

DAY 3: Borders, Abbeys, and Tea

Today was one of surprises, beauty, and sheep! :-) We'll be seeing a lot of all three in the coming days I hope. 

DAY 4: Stirling Castle

Dave and I were up and out the door at 8 a.m. We stopped for breakfast about a half a block away at The Larder, a terrific little spot. 

DAY 5: Churches, Gravestones and a Police Escort

Our first stop today was at Greyfriars Tolbooth and Kirkyard (graveyard). It's a wonderful, still active church with a lively history and one charming story about a dog. 

DAY 6: Glens, Lochs, and Legends

Our journey north and west started with some sun, so that was promising, but we were learning the Scottish weather is as unpredictable this week as a moth's flight path.

DAY 7: Landscapes and a Claw Foot Tub

The weather Gods were smiling on us today! Sunny, light winds and no rain. 

DAY 8: 25 Years in The Making

After a lovely breakfast at Viewfield House, Helen picked us up and we set out to explore the south-west side of Skye before heading back to the main land. 

DAY 9: Sheep, Castles, and Glens

How terrific to wake up to the spectacular view outside our window at Donan House. Eileen Donan castle set majestically on its island is something we'll never forget. 

DAY 10: Sheepdogs, Waterfalls and Fish n' Chips

It was a peaceful, comfortable night at the cabin and warm temperatures and a sheepdog named Meg greeted us this morning. 

DAY 11: Saving the Best for Last?

It was a sad morning as we packed up and had to say goodbye to our lovely little Scottish farm cabin. It was much cooler this morning, but Meg came to greet us at the door again. 

DAY 12: The Trip Home :-(

This will be a dull blog entry. Only so much you can say about sitting on a plane or sitting on a bus, right? LOL