York, england 2013

In May of 2013, Dave and I spent a couple of days in York, England. It's a beautiful and charming city with history oozing out of every old piece of wood and stone.

Tea Time With Heidi

DAY 0: Across the Big Pond - Part 1 (travel day)

Of course, the day we leave Maine it's perfectly stunning weather here! If only we could take it with us, but alas...we'll have to deal with mother nature in all her English glory when we get there. 

DAY 1: Across the Big Pond Part 2

The flight landed safely and without incident at Heathrow right on time. After a very quick security run, baggage claim and customs, Dave and I were officially in London again. 

DAY 2: Roaming in York

After a very nice nights sleep, Dave and I awoke bright and early to a beautiful, sunlit sky. We were soon to find out it wouldn't last the day, however. 

DAY 3: When in York...

...one must go to Bettys Tea Room! At least that's what I have been told.